How do I know if I am eligible for Subsidized Childcare?

Families may demonstrate eligibility for subsidized child care services in the following ways:

  • Through Child Protective Services Program (CPS) referral from a medical, legal, or social service agency.

  • Through current or past CalWORKs participation.

  • Short-term subsidies are also available through documentation of the risk of being homeless, abused, neglected or exploited.

  • By establishing income eligibility. The gross family income must be within certain income limits set by the Federal and State Government. Here are the guidelines:

Number of Family Members
1 or 2
General Child Care Development and AP Programs $3,283 $3,518 $3,908 $4,534 $5,159 $5,276 $5,394
State Preschool $3,283 $3,518 $3,908 $4,534 $5,159 $5,276 $5,394
Head Start $1,226 $1,544 $1,863 $2,181 $2,499 $2,818 $3.136

For most programs, families must also demonstrate a child care need. Need is defined as child care services needed for the following reasons: (not all apply to every family). The dollar amounts are current as 7/1/11.

  • The parent or caretaker is employed

  • The parent or caretaker is seeking employment

  • The parent or caretaker is in vocational training leading directly to a trade, profession, or paraprofession

  • The parent or caretaker is homeless and seeking permanent housing

  • The parent or caretaker is receiving public assistance

  • The parent or caretaker is medically or psychiatrically incapacitated

  • The child is abused or neglected or at risk of abuse of neglect (requires a referral)